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Wowsers! Eight years of Comma Sense Copywriting

Updated: Jan 19

Eight is a very pleasing number, don’t you think. It’s robust but squishy, round and curvy; a number that looks like it could envelop you in a really satisfying, comforting hug. Yes, I really like the number eight - not least because this month I’m celebrating eight years of Comma Sense.


Eight years is a long time, but it doesn’t feel like a long haul to me. I still feel the same challenge, excitement and achievement thanks to being in control of my own destiny.


What on earth happened to my 2023 goals?


Okay, I’ll start by addressing the elephant in the room. I totally failed to meet my two 2023 objectives - to return to consistent blogging and to revamp my website. Wah!


It’s a bone of contention and frustration for me. So many times last year I heard myself complaining “I just don’t have the time to do it”, whereas in reality I didn’t make the time to do it. I always prioritise client work over my own business. So this year I’ve taken steps to make myself accountable and make damn sure I achieve my goals.  


I’m determined my website will showcase everything I’ve learned over the past eight years of web copywriting and working with web developers and designers. It’s not just writing content, I’m rebuilding it all myself on a new platform with design input from my husband. I’m loving the learning curve and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will make it happen!


Whilst moving content over to my new website, I’ve been enjoying reading some of my old blog posts, particularly these reviews of the year. It makes me proud to see how far I’ve come and how much Comma Sense has grown over the years. I’ll pop some links at the end if you fancy a gander.


What did I write about in 2023?


The subjects client ask me to research and write about are getting more random every year, and I love it! 2023’s offerings included gut health, sound healing, podiatry, dentistry, robotics, steam boilers, truck wheel wash equipment, commercial signage, alcohol poisoning, acquired brain injuries and reproductive reflexology.     


Along with content for regular clients in HR, leadership development, charities, business exit strategy, employee engagement, digital marketing, furniture upcycling and the hospitality industry, it makes for a pretty diverse portfolio.  


A year tinged with sadness


2023 was quite the roller-coaster year. Sadly, I lost two beautiful friends to cruel illnesses. I don’t feel I can let a blog about the last year go out without a mention for two very special people.


Amanda Bate was the most warm, funny, supportive friend as well as an excellent copywriter and communicator. We worked together for 5 years in the corporate world before leaving within a month of each another to forge our own way in business.


Amanda set up Redwood Copy a year after Comma Sense was born, so this year would have been her seventh business anniversary. When her illness took hold and she could no longer write, Amanda entrusted me with two of her regular clients, which I agreed to under the proviso that it was only temporary. Losing her in May was devastating, but I am proud to be able to continue her legacy. I hear her voice in my head when I write for her clients. One of Amanda’s favourite phrases was ‘What would Audrey do?’ These days I often ask myself ‘What would Amanda write?’      


Vicky Matthews was joint founder of the hugely successful Pink Spaghetti VA franchise and a long-term member of the 2020 Networking group I attend. Her loss has been felt deeply throughout the small business community and her name lives on through the work of her terrific business partner and brilliant network of Pink Spaghetti franchisees.


Go with your gut


When tragic events happen, you gain clarity and perspective on life. I’ve made the statements “life is precious” or “life is too short” too many times in the past 12 months. And it’s true. Life IS too short to be doing things that no longer bring you joy.


I’ve loved writing about gut health for a fabulous new client and gaining insight into how your gut is a great indicator of when something is not quite right. Learning to follow your gut takes courage. If a situation gives you a bad feeling, that sensation is telling you to walk away. I’m pleased to say I had the courage and strength to do just that on more than one occasion in 2023.


School website and prospectus copywriting


One project that stands out from last year was refreshing school website and prospectus copy in preparation for their re-brand at the start of the Autumn 2023 term. I’m a big believer in learning, growth and development. Many of my clients share these same values. Copywriting for the education sector is a really great fit for me. It might sound a little cheesy, but I feel like I’m helping young people on their growth journeys.


Client feedback


I’ll sign off with a couple of brilliant pieces of client feedback that made my day, month and year. If you like what you read and fancy a chat, you can contact me here.


A regular blog client

“I’ve searched and searched but found nothing I would change in this blog”


A new client in the charity sector

“Well, now I’ve read it: mind.blown. as the youngsters say. I’m so impressed; it’s a terrific piece of work and I’m so glad that Lindsay suggested bringing you in! Thanks again for this fantastic start, I’m honestly so pleased!


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