Open your mind to the possibility of change

Open your mind to the possibility of change

This past month has been a time of change. It all started when I attended an innovation course. Two days opening my mind to the possibility of change really blew my mind and I started thinking about all the new and exciting directions I could take Comma Sense.

I’m developing new ideas and have been working on some early stage research, having enlightening conversations with new and interesting people. Friends and colleagues have been really forthcoming in connecting me to people who might be able to help. But more on this in a future blog.

Saying goodbye to a faithful phone

On a personal level, the biggest change has been replacing my lime green mobile phone. My phone has been part of my life for 4 and a half years. It’s been through a lot with me. I bought it during my final year of employment and it fitted instantly with my personality. Close friends know me as Lime Green Lucy so it was the perfect accessory! Never leaving my side, it’s been on some memorable holidays, to countless flower shows, and taken pictures of various stages of our house renovation as well as been privy to some juicy conversations.

When I started Comma Sense, my phone played a crucial role in helping to establish my business. It’s been the bearer of good and bad news, but mostly good I’m pleased to report. I couldn’t have done it without it.

Things holding you back? It’s time for change

I realised it was time for an upgrade when my phone became so slow I could make a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the keyboard to load to reply to a text message (I may be slightly exaggerating). The battery was weak and memory full to the brim. I had to remove apps and delete photos to perform software updates. De-cluttering does have positive outcomes – I deleted the memory guzzling Facebook app and felt instantly calmer. It also forced me to organise my photos and videos and ensure they were all backed up.

The final straw came whilst supporting a client at his annual conference, providing coverage of the event on LinkedIn. Dividing my time between a plug socket and watching the slowest photo uploads in the world was not fun. My phone was affecting my ability to do my job to the fullest. Sometimes it takes incidents like this to give you the push you need.

As I handed my phone over to trade it in this week, I gave it a secret little hug and said thank you. You probably think I’m mad as a hatter for feeling so attached to a piece of technology (and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t feel the same way about me). I was late to the iPhone party and the lime green phone was my first. I don’t think I’ll feel the same about my new one but I’ll let you know how we get on.

Being ready for change

On the innovation course we talked a lot about preparing for change. If you don’t change then you can’t grow and develop, but you have to be ready for that change or it simply becomes a struggle you resent. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, for me, upgrading my mobile phone is a metaphor for both personal and professional growth. My business is growing and I’m in the right mindset (now supported by the best technology) to see it into the next phase of its life.

A new chapter

It’s an exciting time. My new phone is red. Not quite on brand for Comma Sense, but it reflects a different side of my personality. It’s super speedy and responsive. Only drawback? I’ve realised just how slow my iPad is. Change is brilliant, but oh dear this could be an expensive few weeks!


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