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Why I love blogging - and you should too

Why I love blogging and you should too

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call from a prospective new client. My web copywriting skills had been recommended to them by a mutual contact. They said they had read my blog posts online and thought they would be a good match for their organisation.

After a few more phone calls, quotes and a briefing document, I met them last week and we began working together. I think they’re going to be a good match for me too!

The most positive thing about how this working relationship started is their feedback on my blog posts. The client didn’t want to see any further evidence of my work because they’d read my posts, liked my writing style and the subjects I write about. Yes, the referral was the first step, but the main reason I got the brief was my blogging.

In writing and sharing a blog on your website, you’re not only produce fresh content (which Google loves by the way), but also showing all that’s great about you and your business. If you're not convinced, read this.

“But you’re a copywriter, your blog posts are going to be well-written”

I know that’s what you’re thinking! That’s true, but a blog post is a chatty, informal piece of writing. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct and written in perfect English. It’s about sharing what you know and love about what you do – showcasing your knowledge, expertise and experience.

When you write from the heart (think chatting to your best friend), your energy and enthusiasm for what you do comes across naturally. To prospective clients this is reassuring and builds confidence that you are the right person for them. If someone reads about the type of work you enjoy doing, you’ll get more of it.

Easter eggs

Turn over a new leaf – start a blog!

Springtime is an ideal time to start blogging for your business – an opportunity to flourish and grow. Think of each blog post as a new bud on your growing business tree. And if you struggle to sit down and write, why not reward yourself with a bite of Easter egg after every 100 words. It works for me!

If you need a helping hand or some blogging hints and tips, I run blogging masterclasses for groups and individuals on how to start, structure, plan and share your posts. Please drop me a line if you’d like to find out more.

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