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What to blog about in September

What to blog about in September

The number one rule of blogging is to have a plan. If you don’t make a plan and commit to it, your posts will be inconsistent, meaning your readers won’t know when to expect new content.

That’s why I prepare a content calendar. I make a note of all the notable dates and events taking place throughout the year and I use this to help me plan my blog posts. For example, I wanted to write about the impact of the web on my life and work, so I planned this in to coincide with World Wide Web day on 1st August. I’m also a big fan of tennis, so when the French Open and Wimbledon came around, I crafted a piece on great partnerships and why web designers and copywriters go together so well.

My content calendar is like a master plan of everything happening in the world. I rely on it to write content that’s relevant for clients’ audiences all year round. As the seasons change, mindset changes so the events provide a hook to capture the audience’s attention.

If you need a few ideas of what to write about in September, here’s a sneaky insight into what’s on my content calendar for the next month.

New beginnings

It’s back to school, college and university month. Not to mention back to work for those parents who’ve taken time off to spend with their families over the (non-existent) summer. Early September can be a time of anxiety and worry for parents but also one of learning and new opportunities. I know parents whose young children are about start school, leaving them with six whole child-free hours to play with every day. If you’re looking to target posts at that audience, now could be the time to do it.

Planning for the future

Many people, particularly those in business, see September as a planning month. The mindset is one of getting your head down and focusing on what you want to achieve before the end of the year. People also tend to focus on their own learning development, particularly if they have personal targets to meet before the year’s out!

100 days ’til Christmas!

16th September marks the start of the 100-day countdown to Christmas. Without going overboard with posts about the ‘C’ word and eliminating your audience one by one, have a think about what countdowns or deadlines your own audience might be facing. Do you have an event or announcement of your own that you want to share and begin counting down to?

Sporting highlights

There are many ways to link sporting events with your audience. Think posts along the lines of achieving goals, fighting for what you believe in and trying something you’ve never done before. Key sporting highlights in September include the US Open Tennis, the Great North Run and the Tour of Britain. The Champions League proper kicks off this month too.

Health and Wellbeing

If you work in the health and wellbeing sector, you might focus your content on National Fitness day. Taking place on 27th September, the event is supported by a range of celebrities and sporting stars and will have a strong presence on social media with the hashtag #FitnessDay. Also this month, there’s World Reflexology week (18th - 24th) and Jeans for genes day (22nd).

A month for foodies

September is the month of harvest festivals and to mark this, British Food Fortnight begins on the 23rd. The two-week event is a celebration of the delicious and diverse range of locally grown food we have available in the UK. Another of my own personal foodie favourites is National Cupcake week (18th-24th). I’ve already started thinking about what delights I might create for my family!

So there you have it. There’s so much blogspiration out there, I’m sure a quick search of the web will find even more topics and themes to focus on.

You have no excuses not to get drafting your next post. Happy blogging!

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