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Perfect partnerships: web designer + copywriter and other dynamic duos

Perfect partnerships - web designer + copywriter and other dynamic duos

I’ve been dipping in and out of watching the French Open tennis this week. I do love a good tennis match, and play a bit when I’m feeling brave! When the doubles tournament begins, I love the quick fire frantic nature of the duels and the skill and communication required between the two players. There’s a definite theme of great partnerships in the air at this time of year. What with it being wedding season too, there’s no shortage of terrific twosomes to celebrate.

One of my all-time favourite partnerships is that of the web designer and copywriter. It really is a partnership made in heaven.

Content is the biggest gripe of all the web designers and developers I work with. From one man bands to large corporations, content is the stumbling block that slows down the design process. Sometimes it’s down to the naivety of the client. They presume part of the web designer’s role is to produce the content for the site. Other times the client doesn’t have the time, skill or resources to write the words. I’ve known websites take years to launch, purely because the client hasn’t thought about the messaging.

That’s where an expert copywriter comes in.

It’s the copywriter’s job to understand what makes the business or organisation tick, to get a grip on their audience and key messages, and to come up with the right words in the right tone of voice to resonate with them. For larger sites, web designers will brief me on the content required to fit in with a broader marketing strategy. When writing content for small businesses and start-ups I prefer to meet the client in person to get to know them and their business. Either way, having commissioned, managed and written for websites throughout my career, I can be flexible to meet the web designer and client’s needs. If you have a project you think I can help with, please get in touch.

Awesome partnerships are everywhere

Consider this post a celebration of awesome partnerships. Here are five memorable duos. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below.

The Bryan brothers

I’m sure you’ll have your own favourite doubles partnerships, but the Bryan brothers are the guys I’ve grown up watching. Brothers Bob and Mike won 226 doubles titles between them including 16 grand slam doubles titles, the Davies cup and Olympic Gold. Wikipedia tells me that between 2005 and 2006, they set an Open Era record by competing in seven consecutive men's doubles Grand Slam finals!

Mel & Sue

Long before they rose to fame in the Great British Bake Off, I discovered Mel & Sue on a Channel 4 programme called Late Lunch. I remember racing home from college to watch them and their hilarious antics with the audience who had to bring their own packed lunch to eat live on the show. These days the girls are a little older, but still as brilliant as ever.

Stefan Henchoz and Sami Hyypia

I’m a huge Liverpool supporter. I don’t often share that information because it could make or break a client relationship! I’ve been watching my beloved team for over 15 years now and Hyypia and Henchoz are my most memorable centre back pairing. Hyypia was a colossus and yes, Henchoz had a tendency to hand ball but together they were immense. And the alliteration lover in me just adores the fact that their names both start with an ‘H’!

Fred & Ginger

I’m far too young to remember this iconic dance partnership but I love to watch their movies on TV at Christmas and bank holidays. Watching them glide in unison across the floor is a true dance delight.

James Bond and Felix Leiter

Felix is the CIA agent James relies on to save his bacon. Leiter has been played by no less than seven different actors in nine Bond films. Despite this changing personnel, I love the fact that Felix always pops up to save James, even in the trickiest circumstances! That's the true definition of a great partnership.

So those are some of my favourite dynamic duos. What’s your all-time favourite partnership? Batman and Robin, Tom & Jerry, Bonnie and Clyde - add your suggestions below!

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