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Talking Sense is a regular newsletter packed full of hints, tips and tricks you can apply to your own business communications, covering everything from website content creation and blogging to grammar, punctuation and spelling. 

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May 2020

*Special Lockdown Edition*

How to:

Write a case study

Get a testimonial

Start a content planner

January 2020

Business Blogging Masterclass dates 2020

Why deleting content is as important as creating it

4 years of Comma Sense

December 2019

Guest blog special edition featuring:

How to choose the perfect holiday

Why stress can be good for you

Two best presents to give this Christmas

November 2019

Blogging cheats from the pros

Writer's block

How to slim down obese copy

Social media content sins

July 2019

Buzzword Bingo!

Tips for a stress-free holiday

Actionable writing tips

Digital content strategy

June 2019

*Social Media Special*
Why blogging is good for business

The best times to post on social

10 LinkedIn tips from the experts

3 ways to be more consistent on social

May 2019

Business Blogging Masterclass

Why it's ok to change your mind

Clear communication mirrors a growing garden

Spark meaningful conversations on LinkedIn

April 2019

What's more important on LinkedIn?

Juicy new blog tips

What can content writers learn from novelists?

Use the 'rule of three' for engaging content

February 2019

A revelation in problem solving

Content marketing for start ups

A beginner's guide to SEO

Latest trends in engaging Facebook content

January 2019

The highs and lows of our third year in business

The best time to get creative

5 ways to keep emails short and sweet

3 tips for shooting your own marketing photos

August 2018

*Blogging Special*

Is it better to blog on your website or LinkedIn?

How to start a blogging notebook

How to create an editorial calendar for your blog posts

A checklist for promoting your posts

July 2018

Decline in writing standards

Open your mind to the possibility of change

Four sensational emails to send to subscribers

4 things you MUST remove from your LinkedIn profile

June 2018

Breakout from your comms routine

Meeting like a man

Time management is not about doing more

Improve readability in 60 seconds

April 2018

A communications masterclass from Kensington Palace

Ask the right questions

Re-consenting mailing lists for GDPR on MailChimp

Design rules for non-designers

March 2018

Lessons on web content from the allotment

Why I love blogging and you should too

Why written content is more important than ever

Why people leave your website

February 2018

When is the right time to walk away?

5 steps to de-clutter your comms

GDPR guide to re-consenting mailing lists on MailChimp

Facebook for business algorithm changes

January 2018

LinkedIn confidence building training

Two years in business - Making it stick

Content is Crucial Part 4: The graphic designer

Facebook newsfeed changes

Digital marketing trends for 2018

November 2017

Content is Crucial part three: the web designer

Getting to know you: the art of blogging

Voice and tone guidelines

How to spot sucky writing

October 2017

Content is Crucial Part 2: the video producer

3 business comms tips to learn from birthday cards

8 things you should never share on social media

79 power words to create striking blog posts

September 2017

Content is Crucial - Part one: The SEO Specialist

Small changes, BIG impact

Writer's checklist for the finished blog post

Easy things you can do to double your blog traffic and reach more people

August 2017

How to deal with the overwhelm of running a small business

What to blog about in September

How to give better writing briefs

What Disney villains can teach us about colour psychology

July 2017

Life before www.

How Content Marketing can help you grow your business - Part two

5 digital marketing tools to help you grow your online presence

Share the love - How to use testimonials to promote your business

June 2017

5 simple comms lessons to learn from Iceland

Perfect Partnership: web designer + copywriter

How content marketing can help you grow your small business - Pt 1

Are you sitting comfortably? 5 tips for home and office workers

How to make your business storytelling awesome

Should I republish my blog on LinkedIn?

April 2017

How your business could benefit from a communications review

The 3-second detox miracle

A guide to using content marketing for lead generation

Social media image sizes: a quick reference guide

March 2017

Top tips for spring cleaning your comms

6 essential proofreading tips for professional business comms

Do you make any of these content marketing mistakes?

Quick and easy ways to revive your Facebook page

February 2017

How to grow your Facebook following from scratch

4 common email phrases that make recipients reach for delete

Why computers will never rule the blogosphere

How many people really love their job?

Where to find shareable quizzes for social media

January 2017

My awesome first year in business - in numbers

Your top 7 communications questions answered

5 content marketing lessons

7 short communication and authority tips

Online tool to create great blog titles

December 2016

Inspiring tales of entrepreneurship

Sign off emails in style

How to use storytelling to communicate with your customers

How to use social media for your small business

Tips on social media engagement

October 2016

How to create your own twitter moments

16 ways to increase traffic to your website

Help! Where did all my friends go?

10 ways to write engaging content for your intranet

Finding and sharing great social media content

A blogger's essential toolkit

September 2016

What's stopping you starting a blog?

Why drinking coffee boosts creativity

How to promote your blog and grow traffic to it

How to make time for marketing

How to become expert at e-newsletters

July 2016

The Comma Sense guide to email etiquette

The seven touchpoints of communications

How to write a CV as unique as you are

How to communicate more masterfully

The art of writing great marketing copy

June 2016

6 tips for successful proofreading

How customer profiling can help you win more business

LinkedIn profile cheat sheet

How to write a blog people will want to read

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